This is an entry for Ludum Dare 45 - Start with nothing.

First game I ever made to completion for my first gamejam. 

It's a simple card game, I ran into a fair amount of issues and didn't end up making the game I want. This is pretty barebones. Throw cards at the screen and try to make the game before 48 hours run out.

The only game mechanic you need to know, is that you have to use a release build card, otherwise you won't complete your Jam :)

The first gamejam a player takes a part in is LD45 with it's current theme, next jams have themes selected from a random list consisting previous themes and some songs from my playlist :P


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Pretty cool, albeit pretty buggy.  Card-playing animation takes a while, it's hard to fit on my screen, and "give me another!" makes everything unplayably huge.

the game wont load when i press "Restore game"

This doesn't work well for non-widescreen monitors.

I absolutely love this! I was not able to participate in the current Ludum Dare but I FEEL LIKE I DID. There does seem to be a bug affecting the rightmost card; sometimes it changes when you click it? Wonderful game.