A downloadable tool for Windows

Convert videos and to pixel art animations. Prince of persia style animation reference tool. Attached in the bundle you will find a few sample videos but you're meant to go out into the world and shoot your own! :)

Entry for Game Tools Hackathon [8 Bits to Infinity] 

My github is a mess.


Things that I lacked time to do, but are within reach:

- UI/UX. For real, yuck. UI/UX. 
- Finer video playback options
- Precise rendering video to images and then spritesheets
- User color palette library
- Edge detection and drawing filter 
- Colors to alpha shader
- Better file and project managament
- Improved image support
- Support for more filetypes.
- Support for popular spritesheet formats
- Finer filter controlls and more options
- Rendering only a chosen fragment of the video/img instead of the entire thing.
- Filter sorting

- User accounts and online syncing
- Media display as pop-out window for multi screen display and better editing experience
- Batch jobs
- In-app pixel drawing
- Getting a full or limited color palette from image
- Color palette from texture instead of color list
- Pixelizer options (min, max, avg pixel value in area)


pxAnima.zip 168 MB


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